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Care Consultations
and Family Meetings

ADAW dementia outreach specialists provide short-term, professional consultations, both in-person and by telephone. Staff educate individuals and families about dementia, help them access resources, advise around dementia communication and behaviors, and assist with problem-solving and planning for future care needs.

Our professional staff can assist with:

  • Developing a better understanding of the disease

  • Discussing options for symptom management

  • Addressing the emotional impact of the disease

  • Planning and problem-solving

  • Connecting you with local and personalized resources and referrals

Connect with a Dementia Outreach Specialist
in your area to schedule a care consultation.

Jeff Hamm, MSW, CAPSW

Executive Director,

Dane, Green, & Iowa Counties

(608) 232-3400 ext 112

Heather Moore, LPN, CDP

Crawford, Grant, Richland, Iowa & Lafayette Counties

(608) 723-4288

Janet Wiegel, PAC, CDS

Columbia, Sauk  & Marquette Counties

(608) 697-2838

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