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What is the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Walk?

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Walk is a local event that recognizes people impacted by dementia and raises funds for ADAW programs and services.

The walks are family-friendly and open to all – children, adults, grandparents, students, corporate teams, and more.

Why Walk?

You may have experienced the impact of Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias firsthand. If so, you know the importance of information, emotional support, and a trusted guide. That’s our role.

For 35 years the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin (ADAW) has been “your partner along the journey.” We help individuals, their care partners, and families navigate the maze of issues brought on by memory loss and dementia.

ADAW staff guide, educate, support, and advocate for people living with dementia and for those supporting them. Our reach includes 11 counties in south-central and southwestern Wisconsin. Because you walk, we can do this at no charge.

The burden of dementia is large and growing. It’s estimated that more than 115,000 Wisconsin residents have some form of dementia. By the year 2040, that number may be closer to 240,000.

Today, there is no cure. But ADAW staff know how to help individuals and families live their lives to the fullest. Through your donations ADAW can:

  • Personally support those with a diagnosis and their care partners.
  • Offer family and community education programs.
  • Lead caregiver support groups.
  • Conduct memory enhancement and social programs for persons with a diagnosis.
  • Raise public awareness about dementia.
  • Promote early diagnosis.
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles for brain health.
  • Support research at the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.

All your donations to ADAW stay right here in Wisconsin. We serve you, your family, your neighbors, and your friends.


If my team was registered on the old site, will it transfer to the new one?

No, unfortunately, you will need to create a new team page. The good news is that this process is very simple! For help, please see our video tutorial below or contact us directly at 608-232-3400.

How do I associate a check or cash donation with my team’s fundraising goal?

Once you have collected the donation, please fill out one of the slips attached to the back of the Team Captain Toolkit found on the registration site, and mail it to:

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin

6314 Odana Road

Suite 4

Madison, WI 53719

Once we receive the check in the mail, we will attach the donation to your team’s fundraiser.

Video tutorial for New Walk Registration sites:

Register to Walk: